China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology's Science and Technology Innovation Forum - Life and Health Session

China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology held its firsttechnological innovation forum in Runnovation on November 24. The theme of this forumis "Life and Health", which aims to encourage the connection between Hong Kong'sscientific and technological innovation forces and the mainland's industrial resources,and promote the integration of Hong Kong's industry, universities and research institutes.More than 100 people attended the meeting on site and online, and a total of 17 localenterprises and laboratories in the field of life and health science and technologyinnovation conducted project roadshows.

Mr. JIN Li, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of theState-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,Ms. CHEONG Man Lei, Lillian, JP, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong InnovationTechnology and Industry Bureau, Prof. YANG, Mengsu, Vice President of the CityUniversity of Hong Kong, Mr. CHEN Ying, Chairman and CEO of China ResourcesEnterprise and President of China Resources Science and Technology Research Instituteattended the event.

Deputy Director Mr. Jin Li put forward three hopes and suggestions around the centralenterprises' assistance in the construction of Hong Kong International Innovation andTechnology Center. First, strengthening the dominant position of enterprises intechnological innovation, leading the promotion of self-reliance and strengthin scienceand technology. Second, promoting the cultivation and introduction of scientific andtechnological talents, and speeding up efforts to build a contingent of personnel withexpertise of strategic importance. The third is to build a Hong Kong science andtechnology innovation cooperation network and deepen the integration of industry,academia and research.

Deputy Director Ms. CHEONG Man Lei, Lillian, JP introduced the main policies ofHong Kong's technological innovation, and pointed out that Hong Kong has the uniqueadvantage of the strong support from the motherland and close connection with the worldmarket. It is necessary to fully cooperate with the mainland industry to jointly build HongKong into a global technological innovation highland.

President of China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology Mr. CHENYing, said that the field of life and health is the key research direction of China ResourcesResearch Institute of Science and Technology, which should be "needed by the country,headed by Hong Kong, and capable of China Resources". The research institute willcooperate with various industries of China Resources Group to actively explore the HongKong industry-university-research cooperation model, focusing on the transformation,landing and industrial development of scientific research results.

There were 3 outstanding scientific and technological innovation teams to introduce tothe guests, including Hong Kong Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Immuno CureBioTech and Roborn. China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technologywill cooperate deeply with Roborn to establish a joint research center for elderly carerobots. Another 14 excellent projects participated in the online roadshow, and theparticipants interacted enthusiastically with the project team to discuss potentialcooperation opportunities.

China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology will continue to promotethe communication between Hong Kong's scientific research forces and mainlandindustries and capital, help the transformation of outstanding scientific researchachievements, and jointly promote the construction of Hong Kong as an internationalinnovation and technology center.

Ms. WANG Haixia, the proposed president of Bank of China Group Investment Co., Ltd.,Mr. CHEN Lei, deputy general manager of the Technology Innovation Department ofChina Resources Group, Mr. TAO Ran, vice president of China ResourcesPharmaceutical Group, MR. DU Lin, vice president of China Resources Healthcare, MR.QIU Huawei, chairman of China Resources Sanjiu, and the University of Hong Kong, theChinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Representatives of Hong Kong universitiesand scientific research institutions such as University of Science and Technology, CityUniversity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong BaptistUniversity, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, China Inspection Co., Ltd.,Guangdong Investment Co., Ltd., Greater Bay Area Common Home Investment Co., Ltd.,Lucion International Other business representatives were invited to attend the event.

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