CR-PolyU Joint Research Institute for Carbon Neutral New Materials


China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology (CRRIST) and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University(PolyU)have jointly established the "CR – PolyU Joint Research Institute for Carbon Neutral New Materials” Against the backdrop of China's active promotion of the dual carbon policy and the demand for new industrialization in Hong Kong, the institute adheres to the principle of demand-driven research and strengthens the integration of production and application. The aim is to solidify the research foundation in materials science, sustainable development, and other scientific directions, promote technological research and development, new products, and new business models, and achieve open innovation. Based on the platform of the joint research institute, both parties will engage in frontier technology exploration, designated research projects, and fundamental research in the field of science and technology innovation. The collaboration aims to attract research talent and incubate innovative projects in the field of sustainable development.